Kathy Teyler Jarrett

Kathy Teyler Jarrett is the author of You are Not Alone: Dealing with Lewy Body Dementia for Nitis Books, as well as a test-preparation book on American and Classical Literature for the CLEP testing organization. She has also copyrighted her lessons for a course on fighting stage fright titled: Scared Speechless. Kathy was brought up a preacher’s kid, an artistic and academic nerd in Illinois and Oregon. Attending Vassar College in the 70s widened her horizons, as did working in New York City and hitchhiking alone through Europe after graduation. Crazy? Maybe, but enlightening. Returning to the Pacific Northwest, she taught English and Speech for almost 25 years, from middle school to college levels. That imparted lessons about discipline and patience, handy traits when her husband Ben was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia in 2009. As his caregiver, she learned love does not conquer all — but a good doctor, the right drugs, a sense of humor and creativity might help. Since her husband’s death, Kathy has returned to writing and voiceover work, traveling and photography, cooking, reading, eclectic TV watching, music, friends and family, and heading a caregiver support group. Find out more about Kathy at her website.