Editor PositionsNitis Books is looking for experienced editors for our fiction titles. Those selected for an editorial position will receive an Editor Guidebook explaining editorial duties in detail, but in general, editors are required to provide substantive edits, line edits, style edits, copy edits, and to thoroughly proofread the assigned title. Editors are also expected to review new manuscript submissions to select those titles they may wish to edit using the member-only Editor Forum board on the Nitis Books website.

Editors must have Microsoft Word (PC or Mac) or another program that will translate to and from Word while preserving all settings and formatting. You’ll be receiving and editing files in RTF format via Dropbox. At a minimum, Editors should be familiar with the Chicago Manual of Stylealt, as this is our fall-back style guide.

Payment for editors is 20% of all print and electronic net sales of any titles they edit. In recognition of the fact that editors do their work before a manuscript is published, Nitis Books currently offers a small advance royalty to editors. Upon signing an editing contract for a Nitis Books work, the editor will be paid a $25 USD advance royalty. Upon acceptance of the final edited work by the Publisher, the editor will be paid an additional $25 USD advance royalty, for a total of $50 USD in advance royalty for each title edited.

Nitis Books pays through PayPal, so editors must also have a PayPal account.  Royalty payments are sent monthly. Editors will also receive a brief bio (100-250 words) and photo on the Nitis Books web site, along with a link back to your own website. Editors will also recieve an Editor credit on the Copyright page of the book and eBook.

Due to increasing amounts of spam, we do not publish our direct e-mail addresses on the website. To be considered for an editorial position, please use the form below to request the appropriate e-mail address to send us your submission package, which should contain:

  • A summary of your background and/or relevant experience;
  • What genre(s) you are interested in editing;
  • Resume of related background and experience;
  • Completed Editor Test (which you will receive in response to completing the form).