Author Diane Easley

Diane Easley is the author of Create the Life You Want for Nitis Books. She is the face behind Diane Easley YOUniversity, a program designed to help people create the life they want—no matter the circumstances. Her methods provide inspired guidance on how to develop confidence, stop worrying, and step into your true power to hundreds of high-achieving, self-aware people whose inner game is not speeding along at the same velocity as their outer game.

Diane is also a Feng Shui and energetic clearing consultant and provides Prosperity Coaching to address underlying issues around money and power. Her studies and teaching are based on over 25 years of intensive personal exploration of energy. Among other topics, she studied Feng Shui, Space Clearing, Divination, Organization, Self Improvement, and Personal Coaching, deeply developing her intuition and ability to assist people in addressing the underlying issues that are holding them back from standing fully in their power.

Since 2010, Diane is also the owner of Easley Real Estate and has been a successful residential broker in the Seattle area for over 21 years, where she earned the equivalent of a Master’s Degree in energy, personal relationships and money first-hand from her real estate clients.

Through all of these practices and more, Diane has gained tremendous insight and has learned that it is not only the desire to want a better life, but the direct action and little steps taken on a consistent basis that can give you the life you want. This happens even at the onset, when you have no idea what that life you want might be.

All of this work helped Diane go from being overweight, unhappy, terrified of the future, on a path to destruction and disease to living a life full of insight, freedom, laughter and ease. She created a thriving business that she loves, faced and healed the incredibly difficult and toxic relationship with her mother before her death and came to terms with the very real and on-going effects of a stroke that almost took her husband’s life.

Today, Diane is happy, healthy and wise. Starting from where she was, choosing the steps that appealed to her and following her desires wherever they led has brought her to the point where she can now say “I created the life I wanted—and I couldn’t be happier.”

Diane holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Oregon. She currently resides in Seattle with her chef husband, Walter, and a cat named Cookie. Find out more about Diane at her website.