Create the Life You Want by Diane Easley

Publication Date:September 2013
Section:Personal Development
Paperback ISBN:978-1-935460-84-8
eBook ISBN: 978-1-935460-85-5
Author:Diane Easley
Editors: Ti Locke, Elisabeth Knottingham
Page Count:106
Dimensions:9.25 x 7.5 x 0.2 inches


Create the life you want—right here, right now! Author Diane Easley gives you step-by-step guidance on how to make real and lasting changes in your life.

The power to change is within you—and always was. You’ll learn how to take small steps, make room for change, explore what is really bothering you, find your voice, and find your path.

You’ll acquire tools to know what works and what doesn’t for you in your life, and even how to build a tribe to help you make it happen. Create the Life You Want gives you inspired direction on how to develop confidence, stop worrying and step into your true power.

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“A consumable self-help book designed to help readers change themselves and make progress towards their life’s goals. Simple exercises and pages for note taking enhance this broad-minded, positive inspiration-focused guide to taking charge of one’s own life.” — James A. Cox, The Midwest Book Review

“Diane’s enthusiasm… is completely contagious. But more, it is a reflection of her deep wisdom and passionate heart. She breaths and breeds energy in powerful, impossible-to-resist ways. You can’t help it: you WILL be changed.” —Ronna Detrick, M.Div. Writer. Speaker. Spiritual Director.

“Refreshing, candid, helpful and heart-centered. Diane Easley makes big concepts like meditation & universal energy as easy and approachable as brushing your teeth.” —Leslie Irish Evans, author, Peeling Mom Off the Ceiling

“Diane’s passion for love, life and friendship is immeasurable. She is the ultimate motivator and her desire to make everyone the best they can be is profound.” —Sue Warren, Owner, Sue Simply Cooks


Congratulations! You are reading these words because the title Create the Life You Want intrigued you. You have stopped wishing and taken action—you have admitted you want to make changes in your life.

One of my teachers once told me that my work was 90% done the moment I knocked on the door of a new client’s home. You have done 90% of the work by picking up this book because you have admitted—maybe only to yourself—that you would like to make changes in your life. Throughout this book you’ll see small exercises to help you create the life you want. Promise to do at least some of the exercises, and I promise you that your life will shift, perhaps in ways that are unfathomable to you now.

# # #

Does this story sound familiar?

If you want to live a great life, you need to:

  • Go to school (education is necessary to “succeed”)
  • Get a job (the good kind)
  • Have sex (be safe, have fun)
  • Get married (after a short time of “playing the field”)
  • Have kids (What? You don’t want them? Are you some kind of monster?)

Keep your mouth shut (others know more than you), don’t rock the boat (we worked hard to make the world make sense to us, don’t try to change it), and most of all, don’t tell anyone the truth. Even if you are miserable, smile, smile, smile.

I wager that you have heard some variation of these themes… and perhaps, even lived a few in your own life.

Me? I lived the go-go life of a childless by choice woman and creating the life I thought I wanted. My focus was on my work and doing everything in my power to help my husband in his career and life journey. My goal was to be the best worker and wife I could be, and I was pretty good at it, for a while—until I realized that I had lost myself.

I knew I wanted a different life, but I didn’t want to just replace one set of bad habits with another. I took myself on the journey of my life and found a better way.

How do you find the life you want?

  • Desire—You want to change.
  • Direct Action—Make a plan, even a tiny one.
  • Little Steps—You do not have to outline in detail every single step you’re going to take, every dragon you will slay.

Starting from where you are, whether you are married, single, young, old, making millions or barely getting by, choose the steps that appeal to you and follow your desires, wherever they may lead, You will get to the point where you can say: I created the life I wanted.

Even if you do none of the work, but just read this book, you will feel some shifts in your life. If you read and do some of the exercises you will get more benefit. Imagine if you read this book, do all of the exercises while having intention throughout the entire process. You will surprise even your most ardent critic—and that might be yourself. You will be changed.

I know these simple steps can change a life, because they helped me. Let them help you.

Thank you for entrusting me to help you on your journey.